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Before ordering your custom LED work...

Please message or email us ( with your photo To ensure we can do your design. We can do just about anything except people.

Once you have spoken to a member of our team, please click on the appropriate section.


Basic Custom Designs - designaglo
From $74.95
Custom Vehicle
Custom Vehicle
From $96.50
Custom Clocks. - designaglo
Custom Clocks.
Regular price $65.00
Custom Trucks. - designaglo
Custom Trucks.
From $134.95
DesignaGlo Custom car clocks - designaglo
Regular price $90.00
Desk Light Acrylic Only - designaglo
Regular price $16.50
Custom USB Design - designaglo
Custom USB Design
Regular price $54.95
Nanny Desk Light - designaglo
Regular price $34.95